Carpet Care

Carpet Wear Characteristics


Flattening will occur as a result of traffic, which eventually flattens the pile particularly in the main areas of use.
All pile fabrics will flatten to a greater or lesser degree dependant on the amount of traffic to which it is subjected and the construction (tuft density / pile fibre / height / weight) of the product concerned.

Shading / Pile Reversal

All cut pile carpets, whatever their quality, may show a shading / pile reversal effect when in use. This is not a manufacturing defect, but an inherent characteristic of all qualities. Therefore no claims will be accepted.


Delamination occurring due to water damage or local conditions and usage will not be considered as a manufacturing defect and therefore not a justified complaint.


All carpets will shed fibres to a certain extent but generally less so with usage. This excess fluff represents only a tiny fraction of the total content and will have no detrimental effect upon the life of the carpet.


Occasionally odd tufts can work their way to the surface. A remedial trim can soon rectify this.


Carpets do not produce static, but like other household fibres, have a capacity to store it. This tends to be localised and is not considered to be a manufacturing defect.

Carpet Colouring Samples

The samples held by individual retailers may not be from the same batch as current production and therefore should be used as a guide and not an exact colour match.

Fading on Wool

Wool content carpets can fade in use, this can be accelerated by sunlight but the carpet should meet the required shade when tested to BS1006 (1990).

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning: Spot and Stain Removal Tips.